Groups for discussion:
Host(s): Neil Bromwich, Jane Miller, Jon Rogers
Theme: Local/Global
How does TVSS relate to local/live audiences and appeal to a broader arts/web audience
Discuss the access strategy for TVSS
Very few people could have experienced TVSS in its entirety - how does this 'partial' view affect the work/experience.

Host(s): Chris Helson, Sarah Jackets
Theme: 'Remote Relationships, Intimate News'
remote relationships, intimacy and dislocation, the relationship between audience and the work (swansong) and the shift in TV generally, where the relationship between viewer and producer becomes more intimate (C4 news snowmail etc)

Host(s): Graham Fagen, Giorgio Sadotti
Theme: 'Liveness'
How did the idea of focussing on a one-day webcast affect the works
How important was it that you seemed to be experiencing something live and 'one-off'

Host(s): Rory Hamilton, Jessica Voorsanger
Theme: Collaboration
Collaborative relationships of artists in TVSS + collaborations with other people like Radiophonics/SMart etc. Could projects serve different agendas for different parties/audiences
How did the criteria or agendas of funders/venues impact on project

Host(s): Grant Kester, Pauline Broekman
Theme: Context
How does TVSS sit in contrast to other socially engaged/digital practices
What precedents are there for work like TVSS
How can TVSS relate to a more historical context/ history of cable TV/video art for example

Host(s): Karen Guthrie, Zoe Walker
Theme: TVSS as a curatorial/commissioning model
Affect of artist led project, developed collaboratively as a team
Other examples/role models
How did the integrated marketing and educational strands of TVSS impact on the project

Host(s): Nina Pope, James Stevens
Theme: The webcast nightmare
What were the technical successes/failures of TVSS
What can be taken forward from this project as a model for similar groups
Could TVSS have been 'on TV'. The ‘politics’ of webcasting

Host(s): Jordan Baseman, Georgia Ward
Theme: On-line discussion group - the on-line experience
How did TVSS appear to the on-line/remote audience on the day/now
What were the specific aesthetic qualities relating to webcasting utilised in TVSS
Why put TVSS on the web?