05 March

Hooray! The badges were ready today. And they look absolutely fantastic!!! They are so funny!!! But I couldn't go and get them! I had some technicians who had to come today to install all of the cables so we would be able to broadcast on the net from the LCCA. Luckily Veena came to help and I was able to ask her to collect them. While she went out to get them both the technicians from Homechoice and BT arrived around the same time only to discover what an enormous job installing cables here would be!!! I don't think I have ever moved more furniture, paintings and junk as I did today as when we moved in here!!!

God am I tired! Then, as the guys were finishing - Veena got back and we had a mad session trying to fill the envelopes (badges, press releases, address labels & TVSS stickers) before the post office closed.

Ugh. Actually, double ugh! But we did it and they are off!! Hooray!!