13 March

James (tech) and Rebecca (camera) do a site check for the broadcast. We do a run through of what will actually happen and we discuss possible angles, where the kids will stand in the gallery with Matthew, etc. It is difficult to really prepare without having everyone here......

But wait till you hear this- today was unbelievable!!! I hadn't had time to set up the Homechoice broadband system to my computer until this morning and thought 'James is coming today, I better install the software and get it running before he gets here'. So what happens??? I install according to the instructions and it replaces my email software with a newer version without telling me AND it doesn't import any of the information! What does this mean??!! Well- It means I no longer have any of my emails or addresses that I had been working with for the past year!!!!!! Before you panic the way I did, James saved me! He found a back-up file and reinstalled so it was all fine! But boy was I upset for a while!