18 March


Could the weather have been any worse? Mel came to help out and make sure everything was ready for the broadcast day. I had always worried that it might rain. So we got a gazebo to put up in front of the gallery to protect Rebecca while she was filming. But we never anticipated a gale!! The winds were phenomenal and the rain was lashing down!! Mel and I set up the gazebo and within minutes it had smashed against the dividing garden wall attempting to bring us with it over into the next garden!! That was scary!! So we had to make due without it.

Matthew arrived with a cast on his foot and very serious looking crutches.

The kids from out of town won't be able to be here until Wednesday for the actual broadcast (as part of their prize is the trip to London-train travel, hotel room, etc.) Although the local kids were able to come to the dress rehearsal and when they arrived they were all petrified.

Matthew was really amazing. Before long he had all the kids talking and telling stories. We did a few 'run-throughs' of the broadcast and then launched into the real (fake) one. It was an enormous success!! Matthew was brilliant!! What a genius. The commentary was excellent. My favourite bit was where he launched into 'whether kid experts were failed kid artists or not, etc....'. He was really funny. All the kids were fantastic.

I just hope it all goes according to plan on Wednesday. As practised as we are- it will all be different when we are actually going live. There will also be other people here who haven't done any of the rehearsals- Lizi announcing the winners and the out of town kids. (Lizi couldn't come to the practice broadcast either).

Oh well only time will tell how it all goes. At least the weather couldn't be worse. (Actually it could snow............).