18 October

Everyone is due at the house around 10:00am. It's class picture day at my daughter's school, so we are there from 7:55am, outside class 12, so that the kids can get their pics taken since they wouldn't be around later for the regular posed shot. Home by 8:45am to tidy up breakfast things, etc. 9:00am Nina arrives to do the filming of the film crew (fly on the wall). Bob takes photos. From 10:00am onwards people are arriving. By the time Kirsten O'Brien (the Smart presenter working on this segment) arrives, most of the children working with her have arrived and everything is in full swing.

The day goes amazingly well. All of the filming has fit into a natural light time frame. Everyone is nice and helpful. Lizi also agrees to participate in the project (she is one of the four presenters who work on Smart, as well as the researcher). It turns out that Lizi is a fanatical Cliff Richards fan. Fantastic. I am very impressed by Kirsten. She not only has an amazing memory for repeat takes-making her lines seem fresh every time she says them, but also by her tireless humour. She conscientiously paid attention to each of the kids, as well as being incredibly professional and kind. She was brill. I was interviewed, and where I loved every second of the filming managed to answer every question differently for each take.

The kids projects looked fab. They were all hung in the gallery for the final take. 'The young up and coming artists'. The kids were great. For them there was lots of waiting around and not eating when they were hungry, but still enjoyed the day. When they were finally called upon to do their stints in front of the camera-they were all stars.

Kirsten was collected by a car at the end of the filming. Her driver had to collect Boy George after he dropped her off and didn't want to wait around, so he put quite a lot of pressure on her to leave as soon as possible.. After she left, Etta-one of the children filmed-age 6, said 'Did you notice that Kirsten was the last to arrive and the first to leave?' then happily skipped off the join the other kids.

By 6:00pm everyone had left.