Chris is interested in how and where news programmes are made, the people that make them and how they choose what we watch on TV.

For TV swansong Chris decided that he would travel to a place that appeared in the news on the day of the webcast - this meant he didn't know where he was going until the very last minute. We all thought he might end up in a very dangerous place but in the end he went to the top of a mountain in Peru! This was because the day before TV swansong a new story appeared about an Inca settlement (or ancient buried village) that had been found at Corihuayrachina.

Chris flew to Peru unsure of what he might find, in the end it took him 4 days to walk up the mountain with the help of local guides and mules. Once he reached the top he sent back a rather breathless video from the mountainside using the mobile technology he carried and explaining how he found the place. Chris's webcast looked quite different from the pictures that had appeared in the news when he left.

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