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Meet Nina to discuss the next steps forward with the project-the launch, the other presenters participation, the film I am going to make from the footage shot, the website, the broadcast date, the SMart presenter's show at the LCCA..........

Sat 3/11/01
11:00am Lizi comes to make her Cliff Richards plaster homage pieces. Nina calls the night before to say that she won't be here until 12:00pm. I look EVERYWHERE for my phonebook to let Lizi know she could hold off for another hour, but can't. Sweet Lizi said that she didn't mind, so I set up the materials for her project and start to make lunch. Lizi and I shoot the breeze. We talk about SMart, the "makes", Cliff and David (Cassidy-my idol). Amazing stories are told of her meeting Cliff and we discuss the deep intellectual philosophical meaning of the disappointment of never being part of your idol's life.

After lunch we made the projects. I decided to make one of David while Lizi made one of Cliff. Nina films and is very in control.

Lizi makes two excellent 'Cliff's'. One is a relief drawing in plaster and the other a sand cast portrait. The are truly wonderful.

Fri 9/11/01
I have a10:30am appointment to have my friend Peter cut my hair.

The launch party looms........

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