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Giorgio worked in a place that he used to visit with his family when he was young - Blackpool Tower. Blackpool Tower is a famous and glamorous place to go ballroom dancing and a TV programme called Come Dancing used to be filmed there in the 1970's and 1980’s.
This kind of dancing was more popular in times gone by, when people would get dressed up and dance in couples to music played by an orchestra. Although ballroom dancing is still very popular at Blackpool Tower and across the world today, things have changed quite a bit - as watching Top of the Pops and CD UK will show you!
Giorgio chose to work with 4 ballroom dancers, who danced in Blackpool Tower to a live orchestra - but his webcast looked very different to Come Dancing.

He attached very small cameras onto the clothes of the dancers, so instead of watching the dancers, we saw what the dancers were seeing, as they were swirling around the dance floor. We were able to hear the music, see glimpses of shiny dresses and smart suits but had to guess how many dancers there were and exactly what moves they were making - in fact we had to work out if they were dancing at all?!!

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