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What you will need to make this recipe:

Plaster, water
Plastic container
A small piece of wire

Draw your favourite Pop or TV Star, but with a difference! When your picture is done it will be a spectacular 3D plaster relief!

1. First put some clay into a plastic container and make sure that it is smooth and pushed out to the edges of the container. Ice cream containers are perfect!


2. Make a drawing of your favourite Pop or TV star in the clay using a toothpick as a pen. Remember that after the plaster has been poured into the container and taken out everything will be the mirror image (reverse) to if you write their name make sure it is all backwards. (handy tip: Use a mirror!)

3. Don’t forget to use all of the areas in your clay picture. It will look better if you do a design or write something around the picture of their head!

4. After you have made your drawing, fill the container with plaster. Don’t forget to place a small piece of wire into the wet plaster (at the top of the picture) so that you will be able to hang your plaster picture up later!

5. When the plaster has set gently separate your picture from the container. You may want to gently wash off any clay that has stuck. You can also tidy up the edges of your picture by trimming the edges with a dull knife (you may want to ask a grown up to help you with these parts!)

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