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What you will need to make this recipe:

Plaster, Water
Plastic container
Magazine cuttings or photographs
Glitter,Sequins,Beads,Marbles, etc

Make a collage portrait of your favourite Pop or TV star. But this isn’t a regular collage picture! This one uses sand and plaster!

1. First put some sand into a plastic container and make sure that it is smooth. Ice cream containers are perfect!

2. Place your pictures of your favourite Pop or TV stars face down into the sand.


3. Next place any of the other items you want to put into the picture in the sand (like a plastic flower or whatever you want!) Make sure that they are securely placed onto the sand. Don’t press them down too hard, because you need the plaster to grab onto them to make them stick! (handy tip: Glitter works great, make make sure you use a lot so it doesn’t all get lost
into the sand!)

4. When you are ready fill the container with plaster, make sure that you gently dribble the plaster onto each of the objects in your collage to make sure that they are all secure. If you pour the plaster to start off all of your collage bits will drown in the plaster! Once you have done this, then you can pour in the rest of the plaster!

5. Don’t forget to place a small piece of wire into the wet plaster (at the top of the picture) so that you will be able to hang your plaster picture up later!

6. When the plaster is set gently separate your picture from the container. You may want to do this over a plastic bag, as all of the extra sand will fall out! You may want to let your picture dry out a little more and then using a dry stiff brush gently brush away the extra sand on the surface of
your picture.

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