Zoë has always been a huge fan of a TV programme called The Clangers (an animation made with knitted creatures that lived on a planet in space!) which was shown quite a long time ago, but remains popular with many people today.
Another popular TV programme from the past that Neil was also a huge fan of was The Dukes of Hazard, which used real actors(!) and was based in America.

Like Graham, both Zoë and Neil enjoy make-believe, storytelling and fantasy and you will see this in the film that they made for TV swansong. They are also interested in how the experiences and adventures you have in the place you live make you special - like the people or puppets from the programmes they love.

For TV swansong, Zoë used her memories of The Clangers, only instead of working with puppets and a tiny planet, she made her own huge inflatable planet to create a story based around where she lived as a child. The film shows her first in her old bedroom making the planet then out on top of the hill in her hometown chasing it across the fields!

One of the reasons Neil used to love The Dukes of Hazard so much is that it was based in remote Hazard County, which had similarities to his hometown of Sutton on Sea - but where the adventures were always a bit more exciting! As a boy he dreamed of owning a fast, flash car that impressed the girls and for TV swansong he got to live out that dream! Neil painted a car to look like the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazard and got to drive it around the fields where he grew up.

On the day of the webcast they projected their films at the Youth Club in Sutton on Sea - where all the local people came dressed as their favorite TV characters and joined in the Sutton-On-TV extravaganza.

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