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Hi Bex
Thanks for your message glad you liked the promo video - professional is a complement we like!! It would actually be really helpful if you're able to 'pitch' Recommended Dose to the rest of the team on Sunday - if you're happy to do this ... we've had a bit of progress recently and I think have a bit more of an idea of how we'd like to move forward now - and that basically means working more with you guys @ Whitechapel AM!

We've now teamed up with a duo of comedy writers Fay Rusling and Oriane Messina (Smack the Pony etc.) we seem to have hit it off well and we're in the process of setting up a working structure for the next few months ... this will involve filming 'docu' material in and around Whitechapel AM if you/they are into it and (later) more studio based stuff. We've come up with a structure to hang more sketch based stuff on of developing a kind of out-of-season Christmas Special - with the ultimate goal of pitching this to 'Patientline' (which I think we spoke about) as a pilot for a patient-led programme that they could commission for next Christmas - we'd include footage of us pitching to them in the final 'product' ...

So basically what this would mean in real terms is that we'd like to get involved with things like Snow White (which I'm already getting excited about - will we be able to read a part?!) and the Crackerpull in anyway appropriate - from just mucking in to asking Fay and Oriane to write stuff specially, and we'd like to film all of these events. Then later there will be a chance to film more 'staged' footage based on what we like from the 'real' christmas stuff.

SO, in terms of Whitechapel AM I guess what we're asking for is the OK to collaborate with the channel and then for individuals to give permission for footage we shoot which they're in to be included. Assuming this is all OK (which I'm guessing it will be from the response so far) I suppose we'd then like to put this to the hospital 'powers that be' as a joint venture and get help from them regarding patient permissions etc. and filming on the wards.

OK let us know what you think ... official description coming to you in the post.

Best wishes Nina + Karen