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The National Network for the Arts in Health -

Excellent links to all UK Hospital Radio Stations -

Hospital Broadcasting Association -

The BBC casualty and holby city site -

Casualty & Holby City Fan Club Site -

Patientline - a UK bedside hospital broadcasting & web company

Whitechapel AM - a London hospital radio station who have really helped us research so far

For those of you who read Dutch - an innovative in-house TV station in an Amsterdam hospital

Jest for the Health of It - hard to believe, but a for real US comedy / health guru's extensive site

Humour research page - a German academic site with loads of links

The UK Comedy Guide - an extensive guide -

Fan site for the one and only Chris Morris -

Pope & Guthrie's Recommended Dose Features:

Rebecca Devally, Alex Grundon, Jason Clark and Averil Dudgon
Jeanne Howe, Roy Gummer and Geoffrey Liebermann
Fay Rusling and Oriane Messina
Marianne O'Connor

Camera Work:
Ruperts Jones, Tim Olden, Adam Sutherland and Rebecca Rowles

Edited by:
Matt Jones @ Illumina

Animation by:
Rob Andrews @ Illumina

Original music by:
Tim Olden

Narration by:
Ian Kelsey

We'd like to thank the following for their help with Recommended Dose:

Staff @ Whitechapel AM,
Staff @ London Network Radio
Beverly Horn at Royal London A & E
Caroline Leddy at Channel 4
Victoria Pile at Talkback
Warick Dunn & Jane Gregan @ Patientline
Matt Jones @ Illumina
Andrew Chitty @ Illumina