Saturday 27th of JULY 2002:
5.00 Registration
5.15 Screening of In Search of a Small Planet
5.30 Introduction and welcome by Pope & Guthrie - outline format for 2 days
6.00 Keynote speaker Grant Kester - talk based on his essay from the TVSS book
6.45 Q + A session
7.00 Divided into discussion groups to focus on specific aspects of TV swansong - about 6-8 in each group.
7.50 Screening of The Last Broadcast
8.00 Dinner served, conversation continued in groups with chairs collating points raised
9.00 Dinner continued but formal discussion ended! Radio Roselle and Virtual Bootleg screened as guests chatted & Jeanie Finlay filmed reports for the webcast set up in collaboration with Moon Radio.
10.00 Screening of Generic Sci Fi Quarry (cinema space)
11.00 End - all went to the Waygood gallery for a film screening.

Sunday 28th of JULY 2002:
9.45 Screening:
Matt Collings outtake from Jessica Voorsanger meets SMart, Pope and Guthrie's Recommended Dose & Chris Helson’s final edited film based around The Act.
11.00 Short break for coffee
11.15 Entire Group reconvened to feedback from discussion groups: Each chair had approx 5 mins to summerise points of interest to bring forward ...
12.00 Broader group discussion based on common/strong themes fed back from groups. Chaired by Pope & Guthrie
12.45 Group discussion ended. Launch of TVSS book with drinks/nibbles (Open to general public)
1.30 End

The entire event was webcast live - with thanks to Tim Olden (mixing and camera) Gareth Howell and James Stevens for setting up the stream and Stuart and Elliott @ BALTIC for AV and IT support.