Host(s): Graham Fagen (Artist - TV swansong Radio Roselle), Giorgio Sadotti (Artist - TV swansong Virtual Bootleg)
Guests: Adam Sutherland (Grizedale Arts), Rachel Withers (Writer), Andy Stamp (B'tv)

Below are a series of questions that were discussed as concepts of ‘liveness.’
Live broadcast; does this mean that what you are watching is happening at the same time you are watching it?

Is it of a live event somewhere?

How does your experience of watching a live broadcast differ from being at the live event?

Can a live event be staged? Pre-recorded?

Does that change the understanding of how it is viewed?

How do we view an archive that was broadcast live?

Does live mean something different if you are actually at an event watching it instead of a monitor?

Does the management or planning of a live event differ if it is for a broadcast? What if it was an event only?

Does the planning of a broadcast differ it is for a live broadcast?

Do we believe a live broadcast? What makes us believe?

Is a live web cast the same as a live broadcast on TV?

Graham Fagen - August 2002

live events are often experienced through hearsay and not first

infact perhaps a majority gain their experience in this mediated way so perhaps a real 'live' experince is quite unusual...

in broadcasting maybe labelling something 'live' is enough to convince an audience...

whether it is true or not as a possible definition 'live' is loss of control...

the introduction of chaos and chance to experience something 'live'...

to be in the same physical space 'in the flesh' is very different to a 'live' broadcast that mediates / delays the 'liveness'...

Giorgio Sadotti - August 2002