Jordan Baseman
  • ABC television show called, "Fridays" a live entertainment program to rival "Saturday Night Live"...Andy Kaufman fought everyone on the set - and it was broadcast live...apparently included in protest and survive - and depicted in the Milos Forman film, the man in the moon (the story of Andy Kaufman's life)...
  • The 1968 Elvis comeback special.
  • A clip of a press conference where a senator from Pennsylvania shoots himself on television...

Graham Fagen
  • John Waters - Female Trouble
    On Fridays we wouldn't go to school. We would go to the new video shop and get the most extreme videos we were able to hire out. This was when video was new, I'm not sure if there was much control over what went out and to whom! I think things are tighter now? But any way, we watched all the crap horror - Zombie Flesh Eaters, etc; - some funny porn type stuff - we could handle it all! But one day we got Female Trouble and sat in stunned silence, mixed with the occasional laugh, then a look round at your friends to see if they were laughing too, just to see if it was alright to laugh at what we were seeing! "If I don't get those Cha Cha heels . . . !"
  • 6 O'clock News
    Can't remember the date, it must have been early 80's. All the family were in the living room with our dinner plates on our knees watching the news. It was sunny. The footage showed two men, thought to be English soldiers but they weren't in uniform, driving their car into an IRA funeral. They were surrounded and drew pistols, which they fired into the air, I think, trying to scare the crowd away. This didn't work; they were taken from their car, taken to a place away from the cameras and police helicopter and killed.

Rory Hamilton
  • Changes - BBC Childrens drama
  • Pipkins episode where Mr. Pipkins dies and it's explained to puppets.

Jon Rogers
  • 1st Eastenders
  • Sound of intro music (with Big Ben) of news.
  • Star Trek where Patrick Stewart changes into a borg.

Chris Helson
  • That's Life (any)
  • Flight simulator approach to twin towers.
  • Belovy [The Belovs] Directed by Viktor Kosakovskii, In Russian with English subtitles, Lendoc Studios, St Petersburg, 1992, Producer Iurii Filimonov, Photography Leonid Konovalov, Viktor Kosakovskii, Art direction Galina Potselueva. Fine Cut, BBC2, 27 May 1995, 60 minutes.

Karen Guthrie
  • 'Animal Passions' is the title of the C4 1998 documentary on zoophilia / bestiality I would cite as my most bizarre TV viewing moment - I watched it wondering whether satire had gone one step too far, or whether I was indeed watching the breaking of yet another TV taboo.This is a good informative (ie non pervy) URL about the programme.

Nina Pope
  • John Ronson's journey around places in East Anglia with American Names, I don't know why really as this was a very 'simple' programme but it has always stuck with me. I like his style of working with people. I was especially fond of the scene at the end where he held a really abject party for all the people he'd met - including Woody the Bear from the Pleasurewoods Park who had recently been demoted by Mr Blobby in a take over bid. Most recently when Louis Theroux met the Hamiltons could well be entering my all-time TV moments list!

Giorgio Sadotti
  • Neil Armstong - landing on the moon.
  • Twin Towers

Jessica Voorsanger
  • Partridge Family: "I Can Get it For You Retail"
    Determined to buy a mink coat for his mother, Danny recruits Chris to help him auction off Keith's belongings and locks of hair to the girls in school. Good popstar adulation scenes.
    Writer: Bernard Slade, Director: Russ Mayberry, Additional Cast: Darcy Klega as First Girl, Amber Smale as Second Girl, Donna Lynn as ten-year-old Girl, Sari Price as Saleswoman. Song: "Every Little Bit o'You", music and lyrics by Irwin Levine and L.Russell Brown (located on the Album "Shopping Bag")
  • The Brady Bunch: "Mail Order Hero"
    Bobby (the youngest son) has a dream that he's playing football with Joe Nameth (the Gary Lineker of American Football) and that Joe throws him the winning touchdown pass. When playing with friends later (he braggs) and claims to know Joe Nameth. His friends don't believe him. Cindy (the youngest daughter) overhears the goings-on and feeling sorry for Bobby writes to Joe, claiming that Bobby is seriously ill. Her letter succeeds, Joe arrives-to everyone's surprise. When the scam is confessed Bobby and Cindy get in trouble but Joe understands.
    Writer: Martin A.Ragway, Director: Bruce Bilson, Additional Cast: Joe Nameth (as himself), Tim Herbert as Herb, Larry Michaels as Burt, Eric Woods as Tom, Kerry Macleane as Eric. Original airdate: 21 September 1973.

Zoe Walker
  • Finger Bobs
    I used to be in love with finger mouse my sister told me recently, hum, I love the little ditty 'these hands were made for making and thats what they must do' it has a sort of tragic double edge to it - a tone of resignation. Finger mouse would always be sent of to find different things, soft things, like feathers or hard things like stones for the puppet master to show us how to be inventive with them, often this would lead to a story. I think I was always really enthralled as a child and I still have some finger puppets I made at the time.
  • Close Encounters
    The scene where the lead character is in his suburban house and he has destroyed his living room to make this rock formation out of the furniture and stuff of everyday life. The rock formation somewhere in the desert is the place where the aliens are going to land and loads of ordinary people have become obsessed my it's image shape and form without having seen it, or knowing why. There is a great moment where he makes the rock out of mashed potatoes in front of his wife and kids round the dinner table. So we get to the point where he has ripped up the whole of his living room, (I think his family have left home by now) he is totally crazed and he stops to look out of the window at the calm suburban scene below - people mowing there lawns in lines - then the said land mass appears on TV in the remains of his room, and so on ... I suppose it just struck a cord of recognition!
  • Tomorrow's World April Fool
    They pretended that spagetti grew on trees and people believed them. I think I was just really confused and shocked that you could lie to everyone on TV on such a serious program, and that the whole country had been involved in the same April fool. I don't even know if I saw this I think my mum told me about it.

Neil Bromwich
  • Morecombe & Wise with Shirley Bassey